Sunday, March 7, 2010


Hi All,

So, I recently switched jobs. Nothing major, really: I went from working at two part time ESL programs to one, and it was one of the two I'd been working at before. It's full time, and while I'm a bit nervous about taking on extra work/taking over for another teacher who had been doing this longer than I, I'm glad to reduce my stress.

40+ hours of work a week is, to be blunt, insane. Especially when those 40 hours are in front of a class. Teaching is not easy. Add in a long day every day, and you get one tired Chris.

Jen's in Timmins this weekend, and I've been lesson prepping. So, it's been quiet lately. We, like everybody else, I think, watched the Olympics, and rooted heavily for Canada (of course!).

We were both a little peeved at the coverage by CTV. The Hockey announcers, especially, came across as a bit chauvinist, and there was an obvious bias. I understand that, of course: they were Canadians, and cheering for their home country... however, would a reasonably balanced perspective be too much to ask for?

I was also annoyed that the women got criticized for drinking after their Gold Medal, while the men could walk around and do the same without any comment.

Double standards remain.

Other than that, busy week, and busier to come. I will continue to let people know how things are going. Be well, everybody!